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6-year net profit exceeding $ 4 wow gold billion the reserves

In April, the State administration of slice, the Secretary wow gold eu said, from 2003 to 2009, substantially to increase its cheapest wow gold stake in China gold, holding wow guide from 600 tonnes to 1054 tonnes, increasing 75%. In response, gold analyst, recently told the daily economic news reporter instant gold that, to date, according to the US dollar-denominated, appreciation of China’s gold reserves could reach more than 4 warcraft times, during wow gold which had net profit of the holdings of more than $ 4 billion.

Analysts further pointed out that international best gold gold prices increase between 6 free gold years and buy wow gold sources of gold bought in China is different from buy gold other countries is to maintain the gold assets of the two main reasons. In addition, China will regularly publish the decisions of the gold reserves, had revealed the signal to cheap gold the market, that China’s future will not substantially increase its stake in gold.

Profit of more than 4 billion dollars?

“According to the Central Bank’s information, take the way gradually to increase its stake in nearly 6 years. gold guide On average, at the end of last year, the Central Bank to increase its wow power stake in 1 ounce of gold, can earn on average about US $ 300. “Industrial Bank (601,166),wowgold precious metals analyst Jiang Shu capital operation centre told reporters,” then 454 tonnes of gold holdings so that central banks make gold earn more than $ 4 billion in the past 6 years. “Viewing from assets, Jiang Shu world of warcraft stated that gold assets held by the Central Bank’s dollar-denominated, has appreciated fast wow gold more than 4 times within the last 6 years.

According to Jiang Shu introduction, international gold prices in 2003 to 2008 the average wow game daily price of 560 dollars an ounce, and that by the year 2008, the international gold market price wow account had risen to $ 856 per ounce.

Previously, the Central Bank on Huang Jinzeng situation of lack of cheap wow gold disclosure. In April this year, Foreign Secretary slice of 6 years for the first time disclosed the total amount of Central Bank holdings of gold. “It wow gold us opens the imagination for the international gold market. “Jiang Chao says,” 1054 tonnes of gold reserves, have gone beyond Japan, according to my calculation buy cheap wow gold of 3.88% per cent of the world’s official reserves of gold. ”

Is worthy of note, the recent United Kingdom disclosed the gold held by the financial times “big” European asset profiles of central banks in recent years. Due to the lower price, the European Central Bank for nearly 10 years in the course wow level of the sale of gold reserves, may earn less as much as 40 billion dollars.