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A Complete Sex Guide: The G-Spot For Beginners

This spot has risen to popular fame because it is said to promote more intense and satisfying orgasms, not to mention being able to trigger the women ejaculation so many men are curious about. Stimulation of the G-Spot was also heavily used by books on sex issues as a bonus for happy couples and a true miracle for men who fail to please their ladies. It is believed by certain experts that the G-Spot is actually a spot through which the nerves that serve the clitoris pass on their way to the connection point in the spinal column. Others say that it has evolved as a stimulation area that triggers the final phase of childbirth. It was speculated that children coming out of the uterus push this precise sport with their heads, which triggers a stronger contraction of the vagina walls in order to send the baby out. Many couples have spent hours trying to find the magic pleasure spot, mostly because there is something inherently alluring about mastering a way of boosting pleasure beyond the regular orgasm. And we all know that once you’ve found the hot spot, the gates of pleasure are wide open. And now let’s move on to the practical part of the talk around the G-spot. I’m sure that you are eager to get right down to it and get your hands (or at least a finger) on the little bugger. Some men see this as a challenge and as something of a duty because they think it their duty to give their ladies the best possible orgasms. And that simply has to include a bull’s eye hit on the G-spot during every sex session. Stimulation of the G-Spot has also seen heavy use at the hands of sex experts who promote it as a bonus for happy couples and a true miracle for men who fail to please their ladies. Any person who’s tried to stimulate the G- spot knows that it is located on the vagina wall, toward the pelvic bone. In order to stimulate the G-Spot, men should position their penis for a thrust that is opposite to clitoris stimulation. A penis that curves upward has the perfect shape to strike the vagina wall in the area around the G-Spot, while men with downward curvatures may want to try the doggy style. If this is your first time, you should start by inserting a finger and then bending it upwards. This is by far the easiest way to find the G-spot and to stimulate it. Generally, a 1 to 3-inch penetration of the vagina should be enough to reach the G-Spot. No exact distance can be given since it varies from one woman to another. Experts found that changes in tissue structure occurring beyond the age of 30 make the G-Spot easier to reach. This is why women in their thirties believe they are experiencing their sexual peak. The fingers are your best bet anytime, but there are also specially designed vibrators that can be used for stimulation. However, it is preferable to find the G-spot first with your fingers and then start poking around with the vibrator. One of the things you want to keep an eye on is your lady’s reaction. As you get closer to the spot, she might instinctively pull back to avoid the direct stimulation of that sensitive spot. This could get you off the course and searching in the wrong area. You also want to begin the search only after your partner has been properly aroused. You could even wait until she had an orgasm and take it from there. The more aroused the woman, the more likely she is to feel the difference in sensation between the G-spot and the rest of the vaginal wall. Apply firm pressure and watch your lady’s reactions. She will guide you to the target. Once you’re there, you can either move the finger as though you’re scratching something (don’t use your nails, though) or in little circles in order to cover a wider area. Come to think of it, better use two fingers on the G-spot, to get the most pleasure out of the whole thing. While you’re at it, you can also use a finger or your tongue on the clitoris or, if you’re feeling in a perky mood, put a finger up her anus. There is not a lot of room for imagination and improvement when it comes to playing with the G-spot.

The man can use his fingers, some sex toys or his penis, while the woman can stimulate herself using her fingers or toys. Of course, the sex toys must be appropriate for this activity, which means that you need a dildo or vibrator with a hooked or bent tip that makes it easier to reach the G-spot. Don’t move the toy around too much and don’t try to make circles with the tip. Toys are harder to use than fingers, so try to move the tip back and forward over the spot, while adding a little pressure. Your partner will certainly let you know if what you do feels good or not. Reaching the G-spot with your penis is a bit trickier than just moving a finger around. You and your lady must try a couple of different positions in order to find those that allow you to give the G-spot a good rubbing. Doggy style comes to mind, because the penis can rub against that sensitive patch of flesh both when going in and when pulling out. Of course, the positions featuring the woman on top are also very good because the lady can adjust the angle of insertion to make sure that the penis takes the correct route. So there you have them, the three options for the bold lovers who are not content with regular sex, but are interested in discovering new ways of pleasing each other. And there’s probably no better way of pleasing a woman that full stimulation of both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. Men should not be ashamed to ask the ladies to help them locate the G-spot, especially since the ladies will certainly be eager to help. After all, it’s in their best interest. And finally, don’t be depressed if you failed to find it on the first try. Just think that you get more than one chance to finger your lady at will. Work on it and you will discover the G-spot sooner or later. On the other hand, if your lady simply lacks the higher sensitivity in that particular area, then that’s that. Don’t despair; there are other ways of dealing with the situation. You can always rely on the clitoris, the only organ dedicated exclusively to sexual pleasure, to get your lady over the edge and put a smile on her face.