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A prophecy: India will be the leader of Neo Creation of the world.

A great political leader of Holland once requested a famous seer of his country, Gerard Chrisey, to answer the above questions. In India it is quite common that people believe in prophecies but Holland is may be that rare country of the world which takes help of respected seers / futurists of their country to advise them regarding tasks pertaining to police stations, parliaments and other governmental activities. In our country (India) anyone can attain Extra Sensory Potential (ESP) via high leveled austerities and spiritual practices. This method is not found in any other nation of the world. Despite this, due to God’s grace, such souls embody in various countries whose prophecies generally come true. In this century (20th), not only in Holland but virtually in entire Europe, Gerard Chrisey was said to be the greatest foreteller of the future. Very rarely were his prophecies proved wrong. Gerard Chrisey was born in a Jewish family of Holland.

Once an American professor telephonically questioned Chrisey – “My daughter is suddenly missing. You very well know that children are the apple of their parent’s eyes. My mind is tensed because my daughter is not by my side. Her education too has been affected. Will you please tell me about her whereabouts?”

“Many a times our mind becomes wayward and agitated. Thus it is difficult to understand even common situations. Your problem requires that I focus all my sentiments at one point and dive deep into my psyche. It is only then that my soul will contact subtle vibrations. At present I myself am involved in one problematic situation. Tomorrow at this very time I will answer your question.” After replying thus Chrisey disconnected the phone.

On the next day at that very hour, the American Professor seated 5,000 miles away from Holland picked up the telephone and he realized that it was Gerard Chrisey ringing him up from Holland. Gerard said – “Your daughter was at a clinic and from there she came to the edge of a stream. This stream must be close to a clinic. She sat in a boat and reached the other end of the stream. There she saw a big red car. Your daughter sat in that car and went away. Do not worry, your daughter is fine and within 6 days she will return to your home.”