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An Innovative New Way to Connect to the Net While You Travel

Computer technology is in a constant state of flux – and with it, the various methods of connecting to the internet. Carrying a laptop computer with you while you travel is probably a way of life if you take frequent business trips. You know all about DSL, dial-up, wireless, and cable connections – but the hotel reservations desk has just informed you that their hotel offers iBridge internet. ‘Huh? iBridge?’ you say! Will it work with your current laptop computer?

iBridge in a Nutshell

iBridge technology uses existing electrical wiring to connect to the net. Telkonet, a company based in Germantown, Maryland, has devised a system that allows you to establish an internet connection by plugging a special adapter into any available electrical outlet. The adapter has an input for Cat 5 cable – today’s standard for Ethernet connectivity. Within seconds, you can be using your laptop to surf the net. iBridge transforms electrical lines into a ‘bridge’ between your computer and the net, with strong built-in security and reliability.

Where can iBridge be Utilized?

A few hotel chains have elected to use iBridge. You will find the technology installed in Sheratons, Sandman Hotels, Ramadas, Holiday Inns, Hiltons, Choice Hotels International, Best Westerns, and America’s Best Value Inns. It is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive to install. Older buildings do not require expensive cabling renovations. Reservations clerks might not be cognizant of the technology, but they will tell you that guests use it and love it.