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Can Web Service Companies Do Without 24×7 Dotcom-Monitor support?

Enterprises worldwide have embraced ‘Web services’ as the preferred middleware technology for integrating their Web-enabled, e-business applications. Hundreds of Web service sites offer very useful services that provide essential components for running B2B or B2C e-business applications. Many enterprises outsource items ranging from security services for their plants and offices to outsource packing and forwarding, or even cleaning services. Specialized Web service companies provide the latest exchange rates for any combination of the 100+ countries they cater to. Web service companies have hundreds of B2B or B2C e-commerce/e-business clients who need their services (on a 24×7 basis) for running their non-stop global businesses.

Some examples of Web services include:

  • Providing access to FedEx tracking information by taking a tracking number and returning shipment status from FedEx
  • Credit card maintenance and management
  • Providing authentication
  • Returning real-time flight information for flights in the air, given an airline code and flight number, using current information from online service.
  • Calculating and providing postage requirements in any currency
  • A monthly lease payment calculator service
  • Sending text messages to mobile phones, when provided a list of countries and their international dialing codes
  • Providing Internet time
  • Retrieving news headlines from sites like CNN, CBS, or MSNmoney and supplying them to news portals
  • Providing up-to-the-minute sports updates to various channels
  • Offering Web site management system by providing 100+ functions
  • … and many more!

Vital Issues involved in Web services business

As Web service companies integrate with hundreds of important B2B/B2C clients, they become vital components in hundreds of billions of dollars of international trade and e-commerce, manufacturing, and service business. Since a transaction cannot be completed without their service input, any disruption of service, delayed response, or system error could spell disaster and incalculable loss from deferred shipments, cancellations, and even business operations stoppage. Thus, it is imperative that Web services work correctly and efficiently every time.

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Web service companies therefore must consistently performs within acceptable framework. There is little margin for error. That is why Web service companies typically have SLA agreements signed with clients for proper functional and performance delivery. Any deviations could mean attracting censure, penalties, or both.