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I know I’m still learning and making mistakes, but that’s life and I keep going. But today I found a break from my traffic dilemma: The Brand New SEO Elite Software V4.0 But I won’t talk about that yet, I want to tell you something a little birdie told about traffic generation that you might find very profitable and timesaving. I know that we all want to be out shopping or fishing or watching TV rather then being stuck in front of a computer trying to convince people to go and check out your site. And even if they do, they probably won’t buy anything their first time there. Our first rule of Traffic Generating is: #1 It has to be hands-free. All you have to do is set it up and walk away. Enjoy your life. That’s the thing I try to find most in this industry, some freedom. Next, what’s the point in buying into a solution that you don’t even profit from? That’s why: #2 You MUST be able to profit form the process…
It think that one is a given, but it is still very important. #3 “Don’t Make Me Think” is vital and humane requirement. We got enough to worry about in our lives…like LIVING. Why put another thing on the list when you don’t have to? I think this next one is one that most of us might not think of immediately because it’s not a common perk to find in most traffic generating solutions. #4 It should be a ONE-TIME investment. I know, I know; your asking, “where can I find that?” but I’ll get to that in a minute. Just keep your pants on. ; P #5 It has to pay for itself, preferably in a few hours after purchase. We all hope to find everything that worked like that. And last but not least. The most obvious, I think. #6 It must WORK! Why spend any money at all for something that doesn’t even do what it promises, if not better. Now that you know the 6 requirements for ANY traffic generating solution, I am going to tell you the prime example that helped formulate theses rules. This is a program that has transformed countless of websites to reach the pinnacle of search engine superiority in their field. SEO Elite Software by Bill Callen is an amazing upon amazing program that I was thrilled to hear about. It fulfills all 6 requirements for any traffic generating solution and it has done more for its users than most SEO companies. Okay, before I continue, let me explain just what SEO Elite is exactly. It is a program that tells how to optimize your website to have search engines fall in love with you; thus, making it easier for targeted consumers to find you on search engines. You can be at the top of the list for any keyword you want on Google, Yahoo, MSN searches and much more.

As long as the keyword pertains to your website content of course. You don’t want a guy looking for fishing equipment on your page when you have a dog breeding website! You can find hundreds of link partners by searching the top websites in your field and find their link partners and then ask to be linked with them. Basically you can link yourself on all the best trafficked sites relating to your site content. And your know what that means??? Their traffic can turn into YOUR traffic! You’re starting to see the big picture, aren’t you? keep going, it gets better. You can check your site ranking in all the biggest search engines and SEO Elite will tell you where and how you can improve it. The higher on the list the better chance you have of being clicked on. So here is the formula: High Targeted Search Engine Ranking + Links to Other High-Ranked Sites = MORE TARGETED HITS = MORE PROFITS!!! That is what we, as webmasters, ultimately want. I know that’s what I want. I can honestly say that SEO Elite can either save you or hurt you. It’s your choice because, if you get this program for yourself, you can smash your competition in any niche imaginable and make sales up the whazoo. Or you can pass on this opportunity and have your competitors get the upper hand and bury you in the pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN search pages. Don’t cause yourself the pain. I am personally on my way on getting this now too, but I just had to take the time to spread the word because I feel it’s better to share the wealth. I’m not a greedy person which some might say doesn’t make me cut out for business, but who cares. At least I’m here and I can share all this great info with you. Now, enough with the mushy stuff; this product is a real find and with all the bonuses and free updates for life…