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General Texas Holdem tips – Heads Up Vs. Multi-way Pot

Many of the concepts discussed on the strategy category are suitable for ‘heads up’ situation. When playing in a multi opponent’s pot you should make some adjustments:

1. Bluff rarely – you will probably get called by one of the opponents. Bluff only if:

The pot is worth it
You have a very tight image
Or if you don’t care about getting caught bluffing once in a while, in order to mix your game style.

2. Semi-bluff less – when playing against many opponents, the chances of being re-raised are higher, and you will have to call a double bet. In addition, you will not get the free card later on as much as you would in a heads up game. For example: if you hold an Ace of diamond and 8 of diamond, the board is King of diamond, 8 of hearts and 3 of diamond, and there are 5 players in the pot, it could be a smart decision to check, and call if anyone bets.

3. Slow-play less – when playing against many opponents, the chances of getting paid if you bet are bigger. The chances of someone catching a miracle card against you are bigger, and the pot is usually bigger as well. All these examples conclude that you should slow-play only with a ‘monster hand’, and the chances that someone will call your bet are extremely low with the cards on the board. For example: if you hold a pair of 77 and the board is Ace, 7 and 3, and the pot is quite big, you should go ahead and bet.

4. The pot odds are increasing – because there are more players in each po


t, you are getting better ‘pot odds’ for your drawable hands. You will probably get called by at least one player when you do hit your cards. Remember, that if you aren’t going for the nut draw, like an Ace high flush, or the biggest straight possible, you could be facing a better flush or a better straight. In conclusion, in games and hands with many opponents, hands like small and medium pairs, suited connectors or even Ace 4 suited, go up in value where hands like AJ, KT, and even AQ go down.

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