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Get Negativity Out Of Your Life!

They say that the way to have a positive attitude and a positive life is to surround yourself only with positive things and positive people. What do you do then, when the negative influence in your life comes from your friend, maybe your best friend, or even worse, your spouse? If you are to take the positive advice literally, you are going to dump them! We both know that such advice simply is not acceptable. So what DO you do?

Firstly, have you considered the fact that subconsciously if not consciously, such people could be afraid? Afraid that you might be growing beyond them and leaving them behind? Afraid that your success may diminish their own achievements or their feelings of self-worth? All these fears and more are quite possible and mentioned here that you may consider a different viewpoint. In the ideal world, you convert negative thinkers to your positive way of thinking. Unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and we would not want to force everyone to think in the same way as you and I.

What you do is simply this: Take the positive step of accepting them for who they are – your friend, your spouse.

We All Have The Right To Choose!

We all have the right to choose. No-one can take that away from us. It is no different for those who are close to us. We may not like their attitude or way of thinking. We may even consider them to be completely wrong or out of order, but that doesn’t change a thing. Okay, so let’s say we do that. Where does that leave us? We still have those negative vibes coming through. We have already come to the conclusion that we can’t change the person, so the only person left is ourselves.