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Get Your First Sale!

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Summary: Learn this easy, three step, guaranteed process to make your first sale — and it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

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Get Your First Sale!

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

Nothing beats the joy of your first sale. You can plot, plan,
market and dream all you want, but until you get that first sale,
you’re not sure that you have a real business. It’s 25 years
since I sold my first book to an international publisher. I
walked on air for days. To my mind, because real writers wrote
books, I was real writer at last.

Your first sale legitimizes what you’re doing to others, and not
least to yourself. When you’ve got that sale, you get a lot more
than money: you get confidence, feedback, and ideas on how you
can make the next sale and the next.

How do you make that first sale? Here’s how:

=> One: Give yourself a deadline

Although I’d made writing sales I didn’t sell a book until I gave
myself a deadline. I gave myself a long deadline, ten years. I
didn’t need that long, it took a year. However setting a deadline
turned selling a book from a dream into a goal. If I hadn’t given
myself a deadline, I would have fudged for years: making
outlines, doing research, writing a chapter here and there, and
convincing myself that I was trying to sell a book, when I wasn’t
doing anything of the sort.

Give yourself a deadline to make your first sale. You’ll know how
long the deadline should be. Don’t make it ten years unless it’s
something where you need to learn a lot of skills first before
you can produce a product.