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Having Beautiful Turfs on Your Balcony

you prepare the location. For example, if you are installing it on a patio or deck, make sure that there is adequate drainage so that rainwater will drain away from the area. If the terrace or deck is placed against a wall, the wall must have proper insulation. If the balcony is free-standing, then the frame may need to be reinforced, especially if you live in an area where winter snows are common.

There are several different artificial turf options available to you when deciding how to cover your balcony. One of the most popular ways to incorporate grass into a balcony setting is with a floating floor. These floors are made using polyethylene and epoxy resins. These materials are lightweight and durable, but are not flexible and are not recommended for use in humid locations, since they can become slippery. The ideal green living space is one that has cushioning and drainage, so it is better to avoid this type of setup.

Another option for your balcony artificial grass purchase is with roll-up roofs. These roofs are designed to resemble traditional gutters, providing both protection from rain and ease of cleaning. Unlike fake grass, roll up roofs are actually waterproof. They are constructed out of high-density plastic and then fitted to steel frames to create an organic-looking roof system. This is another option that is quite popular in office terraces, providing the same benefits as a real grass roof but being much easier to maintain.