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How To Sell Photos Through Stock Photography Sites

The world of Stock Photography is not that easy as we seem it to be. For the ones who buy photos from Stock Photography sites, it is very easy to select the photos and buy. But what about the photographers who wish to upload their photos on Stock Photography Websites? To have their photos sold they need to have a few things in mind before submitting their photos to Stock Photography.

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The photographers who are in this field for a long time know what to do and what not to do. But what about the ones who are amateur and new in this photography world?

Here are some tips on what the amateur and new photographers can do to have their photographs sold:-

1.       Demand is what matters :-

A photographer should do a complete research on what is more in demand and click those photos. Once you are aware of the market demand, you will get an idea of what to click and what is required. Advertisers, designers and art directors are the ones who search for images on stock photography sites often. A photographer always need to have those shoots which are in demand and should portray the required concept, story and detailing.


2.       Have the Best Shots :-

Every photographer needs to give his best shot which needs to be good and unique. Giving his photos for Stock Photography or Micro Stock Photography is entirely the decision of the photographer. But while shooting, a photographer should always keep in mind that his photos are going to be used by Advertisers, Art Directors and Designers. These people will only take the best images and so the photographers should have their best clicks.

3.       Depict a Story :-

A photographer should be able to depict the idea, concept, and a story through his photos. Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography also accepts those images which have a good concept, idea and a perfect story behind the photo.

4.       Thumbnail :-


It is very important to have a strong thumbnail of your photo. All the photographs in Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography are viewed as thumbnails. The buyer will want to see a larger view of your image only if the thumbnail of your photo is strong and denotes all that a buyer is searching for.