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Mandatory FasTags from 1 December 2019

Any student of philosophy would argue that this is an issue involving ethics. And there are quite a number of ethical theories that state a certain standard in determining what is right. Religion and ideology have also played historical roles in this issue, but for different  reasons. Ideology mainly takes into consideration the society in general while religion approaches it from the assumption of an after life.


But regardless of which viewpoint you reclamaciones banco sabadell tarjetas take, this question affects your behavior as an individual here and now. So, what makes something right for you? Is it the consequence or is it the intention? Do the norms of society play a part in guiding your actions? Or does some spiritual purpose move you to see a grand plan for your life?

The question of right and wrong has plagued the actions of men for ages. And the current problems of this country and of the world are all rooted in the differing views of right and wrong.

If you base what you believe is right only on your own view, what do you think will happen if everyone thought this way? No one will agree on what is right. And I feel this is what is happening now. Everyone is becoming self-centered and ego-driven. Everyone believes he is right. And we are now reaping the fruit of this disharmony. So many are problematic. And the pain you are experiencing right now may be the product of other people’s selfishness.

Do not allow yourself to join this flood of selfishness that is infecting everyone. You are the totality of all the good things you have done and will continue to do. In the end, it is the good you have done which will determine how people will remember you.