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Native vs Hybrid App Development – How Hybrid Wins the Game?

Once the time comes where you start to think of creating your own mobile app, you will quickly encounter words like Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps. What are these terminologies, why do they matter and most importantly, how would you know the type of technology that should be adopted for your app idea? And how do you pick between Native vs Hybrid app development?

If you’re seeking an answer to such questions, this blog is for you. And let me make it clear, there is no straightforward answer to these questions. There are various aspects you need to consider including your budget, timeframe, feature list, target audience and so on. Here, we’ll discuss them all to give you a clear idea of what you should opt for – a Native App or a Hybrid App.

What can make your App Idea a Success?

Before we dive into the details about the pros and cons of Hybrid and Native mobile apps and which one is the way to go for your business idea, you should know the most important aspect of mobile: it’s a very personal and important device for an individual.

People keep their mobile devices with them, almost all of the time. And when the device accompanies them throughout the day, it needs to be reliable and responsive. Hence, mobile phone users expect apps to provide them with an amazing user experience.

Please don’t just consider this as the final v