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Public Relations Officer – Functions and Guidelines

A PRO or a Public Relations Officer is the person who is the face of an organization. His major functions invole:

Maintaining Reputation & good will:

It is the responsibility of the PRO to create maintain and enhance reputation & good will of the organization. This will help gaining a favorable position for the organization and promote the products,Public Relations Officer - Functions and Guidelines Articles services and people which he works for.

Crisis Management:

Managing a crisis with spontaneity and intelligence is a primary duty of a PRO. It is his duty to guard and pull out his organization from crisis arising due to loss of stalks, takeover organizations, split between joint ventures.


The PRO must always plan out strategies that are in favor of populating his organization and put it in limelight. He must use his creative skills to think out of the box that will help creating unique strategies for his organization.

Press Conferences:

It is the duty of the PRO to arrange press conferences whenever a new product launch, merger or strategy change of the organization is to be announced publicly. He is responsible for arranging the meetings, symposiums, group discussions, necessary light, sound and catering arrangements for the above.

Media Coverage:

Whenever a new strategy or product launch is to be communicated to the world, the PRO takes care of the various ways of media coverage in the ways of media coverage in the form of newspaper, TV, radio, internet- whichever suits the purpose.

Co-ordinating interviews:

In case of any change in strategy or merger or product launch interviews have to be fixed between the senior management and the press. The venue for the interview, time and date, pattern of questions that might be asked- all are coordinated by the PRO.

Budget Preparation:

The PRO is responsible for preparing a budget for activities that are to take place throughout the year, at the very beginning of each financial year. The list of events that are to take place, and the amount of money to be attached to each event are prepared by him.

Effective Marketing:

The PRO must have the excellent communication and marketing skills to promote the products or services of its organizations with innovative ideas.

Excellent Communications:

The PRO must have flawless communication skills, both oral and written. Only distributing press releases won’t suffice. He must know how to communicate technical & corporate jargons, failing which he might risk the name of his organization.

Cordial Relationship:

The PRO must maintain cordial relationship with the relationship with the organization employees, its managerial stuffs and the audience, and look after the needs and interests of its public.

Communicating with senior management:

It is the duty of the PRO to communicate internal problems or market development or change in the present market scenario with the senior management.


The PRO is the spokesperson of the organization and answered to all the queries of the media, the external and internal publics and the world.

Corporate Identity: