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The Health Benefits of Social Media for the Older Generation

With a significant rise in the number of single elderly in society, it stands to reason that if old people are encouraged to get connected to the internet and use social networks they will feel less isolated and this will have a positive outcome for esteem and overall mental well being.

The older generation will gain more self respect, keep up to date with the fast paced world we are living in but most importantly the incidence of geriatric disease will be reduced.

The most significant change in human health in the next decade may not come out of medicine but the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

The most rapidly growing sector of usage within social networks is a surprise as it is the over 55’s. Social networking can provide an easy opportunity for a ‘social fix’ for the elderly.

One of the many great aspects of social media is its ability to connect and inform those more frequently left out ‘of the loop’ so to speak, including the elderly, who often find themselves marginalized in a culture predominantly run by the younger generation. Middle-aged individuals are also using new media more and more (Skype, Facebook) to keep in contact with their kids, too.

Despite the stereo-type image that older people are not interested in learning to use computers, most courses that are available specifically for the ‘silver surfers’ are proving more popular than even before.

A question to ponder after the previous points, perhaps it should be compulsory for the older generation to have a home computer to keep the grey matter firing and to delay mental deterioration. With more and more of the older generation becoming more skilled with computers we will surely see a shift in how the older and wiser generation are seen.