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The New Spiritual Marketing Explosion – Part III

Who is responsible for progress in science & society? Visionaries are.Those who first believe and then see what is currently invisible andimmeasurable. Humanity have figured out a great many things, as weapproach the complete change from the OLD to the NEW. We have recentlyheard that all things depend upon OUR thinking, which is not entirelytrue. If human thinking were the ‘cause’ for anything, nothing wouldexist, for humanity did NOT exist, in the beginning. And, presently, ifhuman thinking were the cause for anything, chaos would prevail onearth.

What is the cause for our existence? A prior blue-print that followedthe engineering, architectural mind-set of the originator, who musthave existed before humans did. Even though, everything consists of‘building blocks’ all things can only exist if their OUTCOME, or FINALSTATE is known, before the building begins. Many, unfortunately not all,people realize that.

Which architect goes out and throws a single brick on the ground andthen waits for (millions of) years for the building to randomly builditself, so he can finally draw the blue-print? Who is the inventor ofthe first car? Did he do the same? The car consists of parts. How doeshe know, which parts to throw on the ground, so in millions of years thecar will randomly ‘form itself’, without having a pre-formed picture ofthe finished car? The answer is simple, he is NOT an evolutionist, andrelies on Creation, first in conception of inspiration, and then inword, or bringing forth of creative vibration (currently still ‘work’).

How does the seed know what to do, if the tree is not already in it?

Engineers, architects, inventors, and philosophers are, consciously, ornot, using the principle of unlimited creation within God’s optimumnecessity. They first expand their awareness, look beyond the materialexistence of things, and bring forth new things through the combinationof their current awareness, intuition and inspiration. However, theircreation, the one locked into the human mind, is flawed, limited andobsolete, even before it starts. Or has anything made of human resourcesever been constructed that did not eventually fail and vanish?