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The Second Six Months: Moving Up – Part Three

During the first six months parents and trusted subs are the center of baby’s universe. While this remains true during all states of development,The Second Six Months: Moving Up - Part Three Articles from six to twelve months baby develops the skills to extend his world of interest. He becomes less an arms and lap baby and more an exploring floor baby. During his stage, growth accelerates. Baby’s weight increases by a third, first words appear, and true thumb-and-forefinger pickups emerge, as well as first crawls and steps. These skills also bring about parents’ development as safety patrol officers. Baby’s motor development allows him to get more and more of his body off the ground. By six months he’s on his own two feet, and the baby chase begins.

Hazel & Fawn | Missoula MT

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Hazel & Fawn
Hazel and Fawn

New Fears And Concerns In the Second Six Months

A friend of yours, but a stranger to baby, wishes to greet you and your baby-in-arms. You open your arms to your friends, but your baby doesn’t open hers. Instead she fearfully clings to you, periodically peering over her shoulder to check out the intruder. The harder you work t making a proper introduction, the tighter baby clings.

Your baby is experiencing what is commonly called stranger anxiety — is normal among children in the second six months; it seems to be a protective behavior that keeps babies close to home base at a developmental stage when their motor skills entice them away.

Stranger Anxiety.