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The Tooth-Decaying Carb: Why Sugar is Bad for Your Teeth

Truthfully, it isn’t quite sugar that harms your teeth. The real issue is the oral bacteria attracted by this carb.

You see, sugar attracts Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sorbrinus. These two destructive bacteria feed on the substance. In doing so, they form dental plaque – a sticky, colorless film that sticks to your enamel. Left unchecked, said plaque can cause the following:
Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when plaque and bacterial acids erode your enamel. Naturally, this process can (and will) weaken your teeth over time.

Tooth decay can cause various oral issues. For example, it often leads to cavities that expose your dentin and dental nerves. If such holes aren’t filled, they might reach your pulp and result in tooth infections. You’d then need to get root canal therapy or a tooth extraction.

Gum Disease

Besides eroding teeth, sugar can also trigger gum disease. The latter is an infection of your gums due to plaque and harmful bacteria. Unless treated, it usually worsens and leads to more problems.

Gum disease’s effects are simple enough. At first, they include things like bleeding gums, gum swelling, gum soreness, etc. When the condition reaches its advanced stage, though, it’ll erode your gums and the bones holding your teeth in place. This erosion can then result in tooth loss.