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Top Amazon Seller Strategies to Keep you Ahead in 2021

Increasing your sales on Amazon can be a challenging task with all the competition in recent ecommerce platform. Let’s see what you need to do to increase sale in 2021.

Prioritizing your Amazon Seller Account

Boosting sales on your Amazon Seller account can be difficult due to various reasons. If you are serious about bringing up your sales, you have to prioritize it. Having a dedicated team to optimize, audit and manage your Amazon Store on a routine schedule can raise your sales to the next level.

Scheduled Product Audits

With most people going to Amazon to purchase products, more and more businesses are joining the online platform. If you want your Amazon Store to increase sales and stay ahead of the competition on Amazon, you need to invest time and money in your scheduled product audits.

Some factors that your product audit should emphasize the following:

Product title
Product description
Product ratings
Product reviews and ratings
Targeted keywords

Knowing your Target Market

Amazon entices different kinds of customers with a wide range of needs. It’s vital that your Amazon Store analyze your target market and perform further research on their interests in and wants.

Know your competition

It’s essential for your business to know your competition if you want to increase sales on Amazon. Doing a competitor analysis can provide your business with vital information on your competitor’s keyword search strategy, including its marketing and advertising approach on Amazon.

Your competitor analysis should not focus on duplicating your competition’s strategies. Instead, you want it to strengthen and inform your current strategy. This way, your plan will be stronger than your competition.

Optimizing your Product Listings

You can improve your visibility just by optimizing your product listings with proper and exclusive keywords. This can lead your Amazon Store to more sales. Amazon’s algorithm ensures it’s providing customers with the most relevant results.

You can optimize your product listings keywords in the following parts:

Product title
Product description
Product features

Upload high-quality product images

Besides optimizing your product listings to increase your Amazon Store’s sales, you can also improve your product images. Customers are more enticed when they see high-quality photos of your product. Following Amazon’s requirements for standard images is vital for your store’s growth.

Amazon requires the following for its product image:

PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF format
1000 pixels dimension or larger in height or width
sRGB and CMYK color mode

Always follow Amazon’s Product Guidelines

If you’re focusing on optimizing your product listings, or product images, it’s also important to stick with Amazon’s guidelines. Failure to comply can lead Amazon to take action on your Seller Account that can lead to banning or penalizing your account, which directly decreases your sales.

Consider Amazon A+/Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Your Amazon Store can take advantage of the Amazon A+ or Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. With these tools, you can create informative and engaging product listings.

Amazon A+ and Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can make your customers confident when browsing your store. These tools upgrade your product listings with a professional touch that highlights your Amazon Store, brand, and product.